5 Types of Bridal Gowns to Try in Your Reception This Year

Bridal Gowns
Bridal Gowns

Right after your Big day, reception is another huge function you have to attend and meet all your new relatives. Wearing a sari or lehenga choli can be a great option, but they are too traditional rather old-fashioned for those who love to experiment with their looks. The bridal gown is the new trend for the fashion enthusiasts. But before jumping into a conclusion that there will be several types of bridal gowns available in the market to choose for your reception, here we have sorted out some of the very common queries brides have in their mind.

The Questions come up like the following:

What should be the most suitable height of the wedding dress?

For those, who are looking for a fairy-tale wedding dress with a long trail, long gowns should be the perfect one. Short and long wedding dresses are also available with trails but they might lack that fairy-tale touch.

Fairy Tale Wedding Dress

Will backless gown look good?

This depends on your dressing style and acceptance as well. Backless bridal gowns are always appealing and a number of colors are available in the market. If you feel comfortable with the backless style, you can try it out. If not, you may give it a second thought.

Backless Gown

What color should be good for a wedding gown?

White is the generic color for bridal gowns. But it is about a fusion look in Indian wedding and bright colors is meant to be there. So, choosing bright or light color patterns will work well. Light colors include pink, off-white, cream, and more.

Light Color Indian Wedding Gowns

Now, here are the common types of bridal gowns you need to know before finalizing your Reception attire.

Long skirt Bridal Gowns

Long skirt bridal gowns are ideal for those who want to hide their lower body while emphasizing the bust line. Long skirt bridal gowns come in various designs based on your body shape such as ball gown skirt, flared skirt, mermaid, A-line skirts etc. Select the one that complements your effort and assures you a beautiful look on the day of your reception also.

Ball Gown Skirt

Bridal gowns with trail

While choosing bridal gowns, the trail is an important to part to consider for the reception. Even short knee-length gowns also come with trail reflecting elegance and class regardless of their height.

Bridal Gowns With Trail

Royal Touch with princess gowns

Your wedding reception is going to be a memorable one. When you will step in the party donning a royal bridal gown, you are sure to steal the show. The silhouette effect of these gowns creates a dreamy bridal look people will be drooling over. Heavy jewelry sets will be a perfect choice to team up the royal look more effectively.

Princess Gown

Mermaid Style Gowns

With a body contouring effect up to the knees, mermaid skirts flare out while defining your shape perfectly. But you need to be highly confident and comfortable for wearing this since all your curves will be visible.

Mermaid Style Gowns

Backless Bridal gowns

So, here comes your chance to flaunt your feminine features more by highlighting a well-defined back with strong yet delicate shoulders. And it’s not just about the show off factor, these gowns are comfortable in summer and autumn also. Many options are available in backless like halter neck, strapless neck, cross back neckline and more. Pick a matching neckpiece with your gown to rock the look and let Him fall in love with you repeatedly. Don’t forget to freeze the moment forever!

Backless Bridal Gowns

Which one will be your pick among all these bridal gown styles? Just let us know and we will help you get a personalized bridal look just as you wished for!