5 Useful Tips to Choose the Perfect Salwar Kameez


India is always admired for its traditional outfits that house a plethora of different styles, patterns, colours, and designs. Right from sarees, salwar suits, ethnic skirts, to kurtis and gowns, the traditional wear has always inspired the women to set a class apart with different styles. But among all these ethnic outfits, salwar kameez are the ones who have maintained their glory from the time immemorial.

With the passing time, the fashion industry took many turns, but the elegant beauty of these salwar kameez still exudes the same fashion ecstasy. So if you want to enhance your ethnic collection and be the centre of attraction at any traditional event, then make sure you buy the perfect salwar kameez to elevate your beauty.

In this article, we have gathered five useful tips that will help you choose the perfect salwar kameez so that you can carry the breathtaking and captivating look effortlessly on any occasion.

1. Know your body type:

Salwar kameez are available for different body types, which gives the freedom to choose them for different occasions. So the first thing you have to do is check your body type as it will help you narrow the search for salwar kameez. You can stand in front of the mirror and analyze your body shape.

If you have equal measurements of hip and bust with a narrow waist, then you have an hourglass shape body. According to fashion experts, this type of body shape looks elegant in every salwar suit, so there’s no limit for you to embrace the different styles. You should go for the fabrics that stick to the body curves for a gorgeous drape.

Besides, if your hip’s measurement is larger than the shoulder, then you have a pear shaped body. Women with this body shape look graceful in A-line dresses or the ones that have side slits. If you possess a heavy bust, tummy, and upper back area with broad shoulder, then you have an apple shaped body. You can opt for long and flared dresses like Anarkali suits as they cover your body perfectly. If you need to create a different look, then wear long length jacket style salwar suits and pair them with some statement jewellery.

2. Determine the event’s time:

Knowing the time of the event will help you in choosing the right colour of the salwar kameez. If it is a daytime event, there will be enough light exposure on the outside. Hence, you must choose the light and cheerful shades that don’t look too bright in the sunlight. Colours with pastel shades of sky blue, ivory, green, white, yellow, etc., would look perfect for the daytime events. On the other side, if it is an evening or night event, then you must go for bright shades such as maroon, dark red, navy blue, dark yellow, black, golden, silver, or brown.

3. Select a suitable material:

Whenever you want to select the salwar kameez, make sure you keep comfort as your topmost priority because it will surely reflect on your mood at the event. You must consider the event location and the season to choose a suitable material for salwar kameez. For instance, if there’s an event in the open area during summers, then go for fabrics like cotton, net, and poly cotton as they are breathable and lightweight. Besides, if the event is in a closed space such as a hall, then consider choosing fabrics like satin, silk, organza, velvet, polyester, chiffon, etc.

Apart from the weather and event location, you should consider your body type while selecting the suitable material for salwar kameez. For instance, if you are slim, then choose fabrics like organza and velvet as they provide volume to your body. On the opposite side, if you are bulky, then choose fabrics like silk, satin, and polyester. These materials and lightweight and tend to fit perfectly with the body curves.

4. Consider the embellishments:

Embellishments and captivating designs are the attention-grabbing elements of any traditional attire. Thus, you have to ensure that the salwar kameez you choose is glamorous enough to match the grandeur of any event. To find the right designer work for the event, you can consider the event type as it will help you conclude whether to go for heavy designs or minimal ones.

For instance, if you have to attend a casual get-together, informal party at someone’s residence, cultural ceremony, or a reception party, then you can choose heavy designer salwar suits. They can have embellishments made of gota patti, sequins, stones, pearls, zari work, and intricate embroideries. If you have to attend any office parties, then choose the minimal designs to look elegant with the professional vibes. You can select horizontal or vertical stripes, prints, or little embroidery work to look captivating at the event.

5. Choose the convenient style of salwar:

The most essential part of choosing a perfect salwar kameez is finding a convenient style. Right from Anarkali suits to Patiala Suits, you will find different patterns and designs to fulfil your fashion desires. If you feel confused about selecting the right one for your body, then consider your height. 

For example, if you are petite, then you can opt for churidar salwar suits, Anarkali salwar suits, or straight suits and pair them up with high heels for an edgy look. On the other side, if you are tall and slim, then choose baggy salwars like Patiala salwar suits, sharara suits, dhoti suits, or palazzo suits as they fit perfectly with your body type. You can also wear churidar suits and straight suits but ensure to pair them with flats or juttis to get the perfect outlook.


We wish these five tips will help you select the perfect salwar kameez for any occasion but other than that, make sure you try to experiment with different styles. Wearing different types of salwar kameez will help you upgrade your style quotient and also make you look up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.