Cropped Top Wedding Gowns- The Runway Trend

crop top wedding gown designs

Starting from extra feathers to lace, every new wedding season brings about some new trends in the wedding gowns. And the crop tops are a completely rage now. Besides, with the ever-increasing popularity of the billowy skirts, bridal separates, soft cardis, and sexy corsets are mixed and matched a lot for the bespoke wedding look. This is also true in case of the crop tops.

Yes, you are right, crop tops! These tops are no longer meant to be paired with just the 90s denim. But these days, the crop tops can be paired with the dramatic ball gown skirts to create bridal style statements with a great wow factor. Besides, crop tops are also an amazing style for showing off one’s slim waist. At the same time, these also work as a versatile look that adds a curve to the athletic silhouettes while elongating the petite figures and accentuating the hourglass shapes.

Some more details about the cropped tops:

There is actually no trend, which can bring out the young vibe and the trend like as the two piece wedding gowns with cropped tops. So, with this crop top two-piece gown style, you can even follow your most preferred silhouettes like as the mermaid dress. These tops will not only make you look fashion forward and comfortable in your wedding attire, but the crop tops are also great for the boho themed or outdoor wedding.

Undoubtedly, this type of statement-making silhouette is just ideal for some specific type of brides, who are modern and daring enough. But at the same time, brides, who are on a low budget can also consider purchasing two-piece wedding dresses as these are comparatively affordable than the traditional wedding gowns. Apart from that, if you want to flaunt a little bit of skin on this big day, then also you can opt for cropped tops with your wedding gowns.

Cropped top wedding gowns in the fashion fields:

A few seasons back, the cropped tops broke into the concept of ready-to-wear runways and have not left since that period. But shortly, this style became bread-and-butter of the fast fashion retailers. Even in the past bridal runway season, the belly-baring wedding gown style made the way into the wedding dress collections of some of the most reputable fashion designers. This got people thinking that the brides to be can also try their hands on the crop tops down the aisle.

Some popular styles of cropped top wedding gowns:

  1. The cropped top wedding gown style is not about minimal and skintight. In fact, this style works beautifully with relaxed styling and flowing skirts. Overall this look will help a bride to float in the professional styled easily ethereal gown.
  2. Cropped top wedding dresses also look perfect with muted shades. Complemented by the natural makeup and beach waves, this overall style looks really unfussy.
  3. In case you prefer wearing crop tops with more structure, then you can opt for square neck tops with thicker fabrics or thicker straps like as the sturdy eyelet lace to conceal more supportive undergarment. The best thing about this style is that both of these options can even be used in the everyday wardrobe.
  4. In case you want to flaunt a Go Art Deco glam look, then you can opt for a silk corded skirt and bustier crop top. But the main rule with this trend is to selectively show off the skin. As the spacing between the skirt and top is really small, therefore this shoulder-baring style won’t look over-the-top.
  1. In case you are a modern bride, then you can opt for the cropped top wedding gowns with voluminous, which is a little drop waist skirt and jacket styling. Both of these styles look really chic. So, in case you are planning for a civil wedding ceremony in the courtroom, then you should opt for this style with a lace illusion neckline.


So, no matter whether you are a modern bride, minimalist bride or a boho bride, then the crop top wedding gowns are just for you. In all the cases, crop tops work as a wonderful way to play with proportions. But one thing to keep in mind, you should opt for a high neckline to keep things classy.