When in Doubt, Wear Kurti – Anywhere and Everywhere

Wear Kurti Anywhere And Everywhere
Wear Kurti Anywhere And Everywhere

Versatility can be found in every field. Versatile clothing is the dire need of today. Everyone needs some outfits that can be worn with ease anywhere with equal comfort and elegance. But in today’s time where much attention is paid to fashion sense and clothing, it has become extremely difficult to find the right outfit that will suit your needs for every occasion and every place. Some outfits appear too dressy and some appear too casual according to the event and the function.

Kurtiis one such outfit which can be tailored as per your choice. It accounts for a number of embellishments, neck design, embroidery, pairing the right lower, accessorizing, etc. which can be varied. Following are some of the designer kurtis that you can choose to wear for different events at varied places:

Short plain kurti for college:

Young girls can pick short plain cotton kurtis which look bold for college purpose. Team it up with cotton leggings or denim jeans or jeggings and accessorize it with a scarf to complement and add up to your gaze. Chinese collar neck or V-neck are best suited for young girls. Lakhnavi chicken kurtis are a must to give try.

Short Plain Kurti For College

Floor length kurti for formal occasions:

Floor length or ankle length kurtis work best when you are heading for some formal occasion or event. These can be worn at wedding functions as well with right amount of embroidery or embellishments around the neck or the border. Team it up with a statement or contrasting dupatta and accessorize well with amazing danglers and bracelet.

Ankle Length Kurtis

Kurti for festivals:

Festivities call for dressing up and showing up to your friends and relatives in all your bright and colourful ensembles. Most people have the desire to showcase themselves in ethnic wear and what can be better than a kurti to present yourself. Wear a plain or bandhini kurti with Patiala salwar or the one possessing sufficient cowls to add to the typical traditional look.

Kurti For Festivals

Kurtis for shopping in summers:

Summer season is full of sweat and tiredness and it becomes a dreadful situation when you have to rush to the market for some urgent chores. Kurtis are sweat absorbent and work really well to beat the heat. Choose a linen or cotton kurti with three fourth sleeves to avoid the direct rays of sun and prevent tanning. Kashmiri style kurti can be a great option which has a collar like that of a shirt and folded sleeves. If you wish to make it more stylish, just do away with potli buttons. This simple and elegant kurti will help you beat the summer heat.

Three Fourth Sleeves Cotton Kurtis For Summer

Kurti for a trip during vacations:

When you are on a trip, you need extreme comfort to enjoy it thoroughly without being bothered about deep necks or short crop tops and keep pulling them down. Also, you do not wish to get tanned to enjoy those few days of vacations and keep scrubbing yourself for the remaining days of vacations. So, try a full or three fourth sleeve kurti which can be buttoned in front or left plain or possess a ban collar. The best part of these kurtis is that you can always play with colour combinations. Pair the correct lower which can be salwar, pyjama, palazzo or simple leggings.

Kurtis With Palazzo

Thus, the versatile and dynamic nature of the kurtis make them the most desirable among the women of today. Kurtis offers a wide range for the women from all age groups and can be worn at any and every occasion. You just need to know the art of styling and pairing well the right outfit with right lower and a number of accessories you want to adorn with it to make it look all the more glamorous, stunning and stupendous to complement and highlight your beautiful appearance. Choose the best designer for yourself to get a perfectly tailored outfit.

Designer Kurtis