Half-Sarees – The Trendiest Option for Fashion Lovers


When it comes to Indian style or fashion evolution, one can never disapprove the fact that sarees have always been a part of it. Be it part of a culture or consider it as the ultimate Indian style statement, sarees are going to be evergreen. The individualistic style of wearing sarees in different provinces of India has made it a popular choice among women of different style sense.

While talking about the different styling of sarees, the designers have come up with something unique that Indian has hardly seen earlier. Half- saree is the name of that designer particular outfit that has become popular in the current time. Whether you turn the entertainment section of your newspaper or take a close look at the daily soaps of the TV, you will soon find out that a major section of celebrities is wearing the amazing half sarees and looking fabulous than ever.

Half- saree Used By The Daily Soap Actress

The young Indian women always love to experiment with their style of wearing sarees and that was the inspiration the designers have counted in creating something half sarees. This particular outfit has made its place in every Indian girl’s wardrobe replacing a lot of western wear.

Half Saree For Young Girls

Concept of half sarees

The concept of half-sarees has dawned to the designers because of the popularity of lehenga. When young Indian women wear the lehenga, they usually wrap the dupatta or veil across their body and tuck in the waist of the skirt. Usually, the dupatta is of a different colour from the blouse and the skirt. The diversified color combination of lehenga has made it look vibrant and stylish at the same time.

Half Saree Pattern

Designers have utilized the concept of lehenga to make the half-sarees. Diversified color schemes and different fabrics are used together to make a unique half-saree. In most of the cases, the experimentations are done in the drapes and pleats. For instance, when the drapes are made of net, the pleated part is made using jacquard fabric. The perfect amalgamation of hues and fabric has opened a broad spectrum in front of the designers to make it more attractive and creative for the buyers to choose. Some designers have decided to kept drape plain and designed the body of the saree improvising different stitches. On the contrary, some did just the opposite of it.

Why is Half-saree popular?

  • Unique style
  • Wide range of variety
  • Color diversities
  • Easy to wear
  • Ease of managing
  • Time saving

Different Types of Half Sarees

In the current time, various styles of half sarees are available in the market, especially in the online retail stores. Before you make any decision regarding which style to choose, take a quick pick of the most popular styles of half-sarees young women are craving for

  • Kali Style

Almost all these sarees are of different colors in the upper drape and the lower ones. However, there are a few sarees that do not have a pleated lower drape. Rather it looks like a skirt down under. Popularly known as Kali style saree, the name is derived from Anarkali salwar that has a same sort of styling.

Kali Style Half Sarees

  • Paneled Style

Paneled half-sarees are as popular as the Kali style. These sarees have panels organized at the pleating section in different colors. The panels are organized in a horizontal pattern to make the saree look vibrant. Whereas some designers prefer to make the panels multi-colored, some use two different hues for designing the saree.

Paneled Style Half Saree

  • Cutwork Style

It is considered to be a fresh design in the arena of half-sarees. In this style, designers keep the entire saree of the same color. However, both the parts are different in design. While one part remains solid in both color and design, the other part can be seen in cutwork. This half-saree is a sophisticated addition to the row. This interesting design is preferred by working women.

Cutwork Style Half Saree

  • Print Style

As the name suggests this half sarees are full of prints on the one part while the other section remains solid. In the majority of the cases, the designers use geometric prints, floral prints, brush strokes and animal prints. Undoubtedly, this particular saree is perfect for party wear. Some designers add a striking border to these sarees for making it look striking.

Print Style Half Saree


Half-sarees look brilliant when accessorized with high heels and minimum jewelry. Perfect for every occasion, these sarees will continue to surprise us and replace the demand of traditional sarees over the time.


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