“High Low Hem”- A New Style in Kurtis

High Low Hem New Kurti Style
High Low Hem New Kurti Style

Kurti is basically an Indo-western attire, which is classy enough and can be worn round the clock. This is also one of the highly preferred attires preferred by women of different age groups as kurtis can make them look traditional yet stylish without much effort. One of the best things about kurtis is that these can be customized or modified differently as per the preferences of the wearers.

Due to the immense popularity of kurtis, the fashion designers are coming up with different types of kurti styles and the “high low hem” kurti is one of the popular styles.

Details of “high low hem” kurtis:

This is one of the modern kurti styles where the front hem of the kurti is shorter than the back hem. Basically, this style includes a longer cut at any of the parts of the hemline. It means the longer cut can be present at a side or at the front part of these kurtis. But in most of the cases, the longer cut is present at the back of this kurti style. As a result, this style doesn’t only offer a stylish look, but also adds a great feminine touch to the wearer’s overall look. This kurti style is mostly available in monochrome styles. But in some cases, these are also available in different types of contrasting colors to add more drama to the entire look of these kurtis.

Longer Cut Hemline Kurtis

The dramatic detailing of hem in this type of kurti gives a trailing effect to the overall dress. So, while accessorized with things like a trendy clutch and great stilettos, this can make you feel great while boosting your overall confidence. This way, with the right style, you can look casual, stylish, hippie or trendy with the “high low hem” kurtis.

The “high low hem” kurti style is available without frills, in a straight fit and also with loads of frills. Besides, these also vary in length. It means these “high low hem” kurtis are available in long, knee-length and short lengths. So, in this style, you can find ankle length “high low hem” kurtis, short length “high low hem” kurtis and also shorter forms than these.

Straight Cut High Low Hem

Few more things about the “high low hem” kurtis:

These kurtis are generally made with the fabrics like crepe, cotton, rayon, polyester, cotton spandex, georgette, viscose, silk and denim. These kurtis are the perfect choice for the occasions like college functions, wedding, reception, office parties, college, day trip, party, formal events etc. The best pairs of these kurtis are jeggings, leggings, pants, skinny jeans and skirts.

High Low Hem Kurtis Pattern

Celebs in “high low hem” kurtis:

As the “high low hem” kurtis have almost become a rage these days, therefore, more and more celebs and models have seen flaunting this style in different fashion shows, red carpets, and award functions. In some cases, celebs are also seen wearing this type of kurtis in events like weddings, parties or receptions. In fact, there are a number of Bollywood celebs, who have seen flaunting “high low hem” kurtis in different events and occasions. Some of the popular names include Aditi Rao Hyderi, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor.

Bollywood Celebs In High Low Hem Kurtis


So, now the “high low hem” style is being incorporated in the kurtis a lot and the best thing is that this style looks good in almost every color and material. But it is necessary to keep your body type in consideration before wearing this style. It means, if you are short and petite, then you must not wear this type of kurti as this can make you look shorter. But to accentuate the overall look, you can belt up the kurti.

High Low Hem Can Be Pair Up With Leggings And Jeans