Know How You Should Choose The Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type

Style of Blouses
Style of Blouses

Hardly will you come across some traditional attire that can compete with sari when it comes to rock an occasion. Not necessarily, you need to be a beautiful Indian woman for draping a sari. This Indian traditional wear is so charming that can make anyone look drop dead gorgeous. It not only holds the flavor of Indian tradition but also works like a magic to add on some glamorous touch to your feminine look. Moreover, if you among those Indian kids who have been and raised in an Indian household, you must have seen your mommy, aunt or other ladies in the house wearing sari on various occasions. Possibly the love for sari came in you right from there and we appreciate it. No matter whether you are friendly with the northern or southern draping style, there are few attires on earth, which can be called ‘ultimate feministic’ and sari is one of them that only intensifies your beauty. And while discussing the tradition of sari, blouses also come hand in hand.

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A sari is incomplete about its ‘complimentary partner’, blouses of different patterns. Since numerous types of blouses are available in the market, you need to know about the best blouse that can match your shape perfectly while increasing the appeal of the six-yard charm you are wearing. It should assist your body shape as well as your style and personality. After a long time research, we have found out some basic tips for you to choose a perfect blouse for your figure without a hassle.

For Women with broad shoulders

Stop worrying and being rebellious about your god-gifted physique and embrace it with love and confidence. Women, who are blessed with a broad-shouldered frame, often feel awkward to show it off and on their way of concealing the same, they fail to choose the correct blouse for themselves. So, if you belong to this club, choose the short sleeves with wider necklines that can highlight your arms and keep the back open in an alluring manner. The reason behind suggesting short sleeves is only to hide your wide shoulders. In fact, with such shoulders you are on the winning side as you can also enjoy the best backless blouse in the store for any plain sari or silk ones. The strapped and padded blouses are a big ‘No-No’ for you; it will end up making you look weird. Look at the flawless beauty Katrina Kaif, she is a broad-shouldered as well!

Saree Blouse For Broad Shoulders

For Women with fuller bodies

Women with voluptuous figures are more preferred by men nowadays than the slim ones. Getting a full-sleeve blouse or a quarter-sleeved one, can make your back more attractive with any kind of saris you may wear. This will cover up both your shoulders and arms while maintaining a balance with your structure. Put it on and watch how eyeballs keep rolling on you in every occasion. Our very own Vidya Balan or voluptuous Huma Qureshi can be a stunning example for you if you belong to the same genre. From ‘Kahani’ to ‘Gangs of Wassipur’, both of these actors have been captivated us with their charm and till date, we truly feel that we can never have enough of them!

Quarter Sleeved Saree Blouse

For those who are blessed with heavy bust

Yes, it’s great that your assets are naturally beautiful and heavy as well. But that should never be a reason of your worry when it comes to the selection of a right blouse for your sari. Just follow the rules properly and none can stop you from getting a right blouse for your heavy bosoms. We highly recommend discarding the too deep necklines, embellished ones, heavy mirror works, huge paints, or those with wide patch work on the chest as they will make your bust look weighty and bustier! It is better to go with the fabrics, which are lightweight and not too wide like crepe, cotton, satin, or georgette. Monochrome blouses can do all the magic if chosen with embroidered saris. Blouses with bare back can also be good for you if you are willing to flaunt your nude skin over the blouse. If you are lacking confidence about handling this style, numbers of Bollywodd actors are there to inspire you including the beautiful Sonakshi Sinha or Hate Story 3 famed Zarine Khan.

Saree Blouse For Heavy Bust

For those who take pride on their long necks

People might have bullied you at times saying you look like a giraffe because of your long neck. But actually they were those fools who had never seen a woman flaunting her long neck with high collars or scoop collar blouses. Along with the common high necks, Chinese collared blouses are also in trend to help you unwind your feminine side in an extraordinary way. The best part about wearing the high neck blouses is that you can use both of the net fabric and embroidered collars with small metal cuff on the back. You can also flash your bare back in a provocative manner if it suits your personality. For inspiration, look at our Bollywood Diva Sonam Kapoor carrying her sari in a ravishing way. Despite having a long and slim frame, she is always up with new trend setting outfits. But if you are blessed with a slim structure, it’s better that you avoid certain styles including puffed sleeves, halter necks or cut shoulders. They will make your shoulders grab the spotlight in no time. Small prints with embroidery can do wonder on your behalf and possibly your followers are going to increase after you select these blouses.

High Neck Saree Blouses

For women adorning small bust

Innumerable styles are there which can suit your style as well as your structure. But we will suggest you those with pad inside and heavily embellished in the front side. Halter necks and embroidered collar necks will be great for you to cover up the lean neck while highlighting your slim frame. Thanks to your bust line that will never prevent you from choosing the best colors or patterns you wish to have. Fabrics like brocade, velvet or any other heavier ones, will be best for you. Being petite is not a crime and our sweet and sexy diva, Alia Bhatt has been setting a new trend in each of her movies with her outstanding style statements. Sari, maxi dresses, shorts or simple ethnic – she knows how to don it fashionably in spite of having a small structure. You too can follow her and be a diva in your own shape.

Collar Neck Saree Blouse Designs

For those who have always loved being an athlete

Good height, long legs and perfect straight figure – that is all you have to flaunt. So what if you have been a hardcore athlete since childhood or the captain of Basket ball team in your school, you can also be a glamorous diva with the right choice of sari and blouse. Your gorgeous figure itself demands all sorts of fashionable experiment to be done with it. Be it a halter neck, corset, scoop neck, Chinese collar, backless or full sleeved blouses, you are ready to rock every style while giving it a new definition. Not just the blouse, be wise while choosing your sari as well. And according to your body type, you can pick any type of heavy jewelry to accessorize yourself. Heels can be your best friend only if you are comfortable with it in anyway. Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and many other Bollywood celebrities are there whom you can take a cue from.

Bakless Saree Blouse

Got your queries answered? So, from now on, before choosing your blouses in a hurry, take some time at hand and think which one is going to be perfect for you. What you only need is just to walk in your style confidently!