Learn To Make Yourself Stand Out Even With A Simple Collar Neck Blouse

Collar Neck Blouse
Collar Neck Blouse

With the changing scenario of fashion, these days, the collar neck blouse design has gained immense popularity among the celebrities as well as among various fashion designers. According to the common thought, this style mainly suits to women, who have thin structures along with long necks. But this is not true actually as the things that one wears, defines the true fashion.

Collar Neck Blouse Pattern

In reality, the collar neck blouses offer decent yet stylish appearance to women while being really traditional. Besides, as this style exudes a complete formal look, therefore this type of blouse can even be worn as the cultural, ethnic work wears. Even though a simple collar neck blouse also looks really elegant, but embroideries on these blouses or embroideries just on the collars make these really beautiful.

Different types of elements and patterns of the collar neck blouses:

  1. The patterns like U and V shaped collar neck blouses are merged with more factors for making these unique in terms of fashion. On the other hand, collar neck blouses with flat color pattern offer a casual but presentable look to the wearers. Another style is the Nehru Patti Collar, which can be combined with both casual and elegant sarees.
    U And V Shaped Collar Neck Blouses
  2. In some cases, stand collars look really charming as this can be designed and customized with various attributes either with a pattern of back neck or different cuts of necklines. As the Chinese collar is known as the basic of this style, therefore the stand collar is not suitable for everyone. This style looks great on women with long necks.
    Chinese Collar Saree Blouse
  3. The collared blouses with short magia sleeves and asymmetric lapels in front can offer a new dimension to the heirloom sarees. Apart from pairing this blouse style with traditional sarees, the wearers can also combine it with the high waist trousers to create a fusion.
  4. In case you have the swan like perfect neck, then opting for the Elizabethan Ruff high collared blouse will be a great option with the halter sleeveless charm and front buttons. The edged top part of the collar of these blouses will create the true regal part of the overall attire.
    High Collared Blouse Halter Sleeveless
  5. In case you are one of those women, who are confident enough to carry off something different without much effort, then the Peter Pan collared blouse is just meant for you. This blouse style will definitely add some verve to your existing wardrobe and will also make you the center of attraction of the party which you will visit.
    Peter Pan Collared Saree Blouse
  6. For women with slim and tall body and perfectly toned shoulders, the high back neck collar blouse will be a great option to choose. The high collar of this type of blouse is capable of attracting the limelight.
    High Back Neck Collar Blouse
  7. V neck short collar neck blouse is another prominent example of collared neck blouses. This is one such style, which can easily be counted on as a formal and simple office wear. The best thing about this blouse style is that it can make anyone look perfectly dressy without doing much. This style is also perfect for women, who like to have the impression of additional height to the petite frames.
    V Neck Collar Neck Blouse

How to choose the right collared blouse style?

As per the common rule, it is believed that the collared blouses look beautiful in the wearers with toned back and shapely shoulders. But this is not true. Actually, this blouse style accentuates the slim figure irrespective of the saree. As in this style, the collar mainly draws the attention to the shoulders and neck and therefore it shows off the shapely figure in the best possible manner. Besides, this style offers the illusion of height in the best manner on the basis of the style, which one may choose.

Collared Blouse Style


So, if you prefer to have a formal look with the sarees, then trying the collar neck blouses make sense. This blouse style doesn’t only give you a professional and youthful look while paired with the elegant yet simple cotton sarees, but by choosing to wear this type of blouse with the designer sarees, you will also be able to stand out in the crowd. Therefore every working woman should have at least one collar neck blouse in her stock.


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