Men’s Fashion Trends in 2017 Decoded

Men’s Fashion Trends in 2017
Men’s Fashion Trends in 2017

Before enlisting the hottest men’s fashion trends of 2017, let us tell you that fashion is dominated more by phases than by years. Perhaps this is the reason why the fussiest of fashion-forward men opine that the most dominant fashion trends of 2017 are a continuation of what we saw in 2016 as well. Read on to explore what the most happening men’s fashion trends in 2017 are.

The Trends in Men’s fashion this year!

2017 is turning out to be a great year for men’s fashion when we are finally ready to experiment with older trends and embrace the delightfully hueless pieces. Want to find out more? Read on!

Trends In Men’s Fashion

Checks: Here there everywhere

They always made for a crucial part of men’s wardrobe earlier but it was in 2016 that they staged a significant comeback of sorts. And, they continue to feature prominently on the fashion front in the year 2017. For the rest of 2017, designers are expected to resort to significant experimentation with this particular trend. You can team them up with bomber jackets. From T-shirts to knitwear, expect checks to make a splash beyond regular shirts.

Go ahead and invest in this style without concerns! They are definitely here to stay.

Checks For Men

Formalwear: The glory of the 20th century restored

This discussion on men’s wear is definitely incomplete without the mention of formal wear. If you’re looking forward to rocking your office wear then there’s no harm in introducing a few tweaks in your wardrobe. In this regard let us tell you that if you feel that tuxedos are way too much the 20th century then it’s perhaps time to change your take. Let us tell you that the last quarter of 2017 will see a significant comeback of the double breasted jackets.

Formal Wear

Retro Sportswear: The use of understated hues will rule

One of the biggest fashion trends making a comeback in 2016- 2017 is sportswear. It’s retro but definitely not out of fashion – at least not this year! It has been very meticulously pointed out that last year’s retro sportswear drew inspiration from the 80’s but this year’s athleisure is more about the 1970s. Pieces rendered in subdued colors are here to stay for a long time to come.

Retro Sportswear

Black and white will rule the casual front

Up your casual game by bringing back the classic black and white combo. Gray will also rule the summers. The largely hueless look is a hands down favorite this season – much relief for men who were literally petrified of zeroing in on all the right colors every time they wanted to nail a casual or party look.

Black And White Combination

The Neutrals Have Come of Age

Yes! We say that because the purpose of sporting neutrals has undergone a sea change this year! How? We will decode here.

Please make sure that if you are sporting neutrals today you are not deploying them as a contrast to the more vibrant hues out there. This might have been the traditional way in which they have been worn so far but do let us clarify that 2017 requires you to resort to due tweaks.

Team them up with subtler shades! That’s it! Steer clear of the older ways of wearing them. Opt for layering and new fashion tricks to up your sartorial game.

Subtler Shades

Wrapping up

Make sure you’re keeping these points in view in order to be duly guided with your sartorial choices. Hopefully, this checklist will come in handy while you are making all the efforts towards staying updated with the latest trends in men’s fashion.

Look up the fashion magazines and blogs to draw inspiration. Stay fashionably ahead! Always!

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