Tips For Styling The Cigarette Pants

Cigarette Pants
Cigarette Pants

At present, the cigarette pants are considered as one of the most popular trends in women’s clothing. The cigarette pants are the slim fit pants with a snug fit through the legs. These pants end with small leg openings above one or two inch above the ankle. This pant is different from other pant types as this style features straight opening at the legs rather than a flared or tapered ending. Also known as the “pencil pants”, slim-fit pants” or “stovepipe pants”, these pants first got the popularity first in 1950. At that time, the most common color of cigarette pants was black. But at present, these pants are available in almost all colors, including denim. The skinny fit, well-tailored grazers are just ideal for the work wear or can be styled differently for an evening outing.

High Waist Stovepipe Pants

The popularity of the cigarette pants:

The cigarette style slim fit pants stand out alongside the straight and skinny legged pants. Usually, these pants are worn in classic, chic and casual styles. But these days, this pant style is available in different patterns and colors and therefore, you will definitely find the pair, which will match with the attires that you already have in your wardrobe.

Cigarette Pants With Designer Dress

It means, the cigarette pants can go with almost anything. But often people find these pants really tricky to style because of the cropped length. Here the main tip is to choose the right length and fir on the basis of your body type and height. For example, in case you are short, then you must choose an ankle top cigarette pant. On the other hand, in case you are short and have a heavy figure, then you must avoid big and bold patterns and prints in these pants. Rather, you should choose subtle, tiny prints in darker shades, which will make your legs slimmer.

Cigarette Pants With Kurtis

Different ways of teaming up the cigarette pants:

  1. Short kurtis with cigarette pants: This is one of the most popular styles of kurtis that can be paired with the cigarette pants. There are a number of women, who don’t prefer wearing long kurtis and for them, this is the best style to consider. The main benefit of this type of kurti is that as the length of kurti is short, therefore the total focus is on the pant. So, this will give your kurti a subtle look. Therefore, this attire looks perfect for both business meetings and casual get-together events.
    Short Kurtis With Cigarette Pants
  2. Mid length kurtis with cigarette pants: This is one of the latest fashion statements. Therefore more and more designers are now offering new collections of cigarette pants and mid length kurtis. As a whole, this overall attire can make a great difference in one’s overall personality and looks. The best type of mid length kurtis that can be teamed up with these pants is made of chiffon as this is a flowy material and can be worn in different seasons.
    Mid Length Kurtis With Cigarette Pants
  3. Long kurtis with cigarette pants: This is one of most fashionable options and a number of leading Bollywood actresses are flaunting this style. Different types of long kurtis can be paired with this type of pants, starting from mid thigh level to mid calf range. So, the wearers are free to choose the length of kurtis as per their preference and can pair those with the cigarette pants.  Because of the length of these kurtis and the fitting of pant, the wearer’s height looks more. This way, the focus of people shifts entirely to the legs from the dress. The cropped pant is another important part of cigarette pants, which is not of the usual length, but it is actually one or two inches smaller than the usual cigarette pants.
    Long Kurtis With Cigarette Pants
  4. Anarkali kurtis with cigarette pants: Anarkali kurtis are known as a famous party wear or formal attire. But to make your look more formal, you can definitely try pairing the Anarkali kurtis with the cigarette pants. This way, the formal attire will get the much-needed confidence and comfort. As the main flavor of this dress is the cigarette pants, therefore you have to pay more attention to the footwear, which you are planning to choose for this attire.
    Anarkali Kurtis With Cigarette Pants

Other tips for styling the cigarette pants:

  • As the office attire: In case you want to have a smart office attire, then you can pair the cigarette pants with classic white shirts neatly tucked for a sleek silhouette. After that, complete your look by choosing smart loafers, sling back pumps or oxford shoes.

Office Attire As Cigarette Pants

  • For the coffee date or for a night out: For the cocktail parties or just for a day out, you can choose to pair these pants with off shoulder tops. Besides, you can also try out cropped tops with these pants as the cropped tops will accentuate your feminine silhouette.

Cigarette Pants With Off Shoulder Tops

  • For weekend parties or getaways: These events need a simple yet powerful look. So, to get the best result, you can choose a simple white tee to pair with the cigarette pant. This formula will never fail. For the weekend trips, you can choose to wear a loose t-shirt with a cigarette pant to maintain your comfort level and style statement. For the winter season, you can complete your look by wearing a denim jacket to get edgier chic vibes. You can even accessorize your look with a cross body bag. This will also create a shape.

Cigarette Pants For Parties