Latest Tattoo Trends You Should Follow in 2017

Latest Tattoo Design
Latest Tattoo Design

Banging on a right tattoo that suits your personality is often time-consuming. It depends on the mentality of a human being to take either a moment or so, to make up his mind for inking himself whereas many take years to decide which tattoo should be perfect for them. Every year the fashion world comes up with some tattoo trends for the enthusiasts along with the charm of ‘forever new’ ones. While signs like infinity, heart, butterflies or stars are too common, some new trends are also rocking their presence with elegance and passion.

Here are some of the handpicked tattoo designs you would love to follow this year to stand out in the crowd of too many stereotypical ideas. Let’s take a look.

Sensational Hip line tattoos

Do you want to make it a sensational one following loads of attention and appreciation? If so, then this bold style is going to rock. By the side of the hip line, it is one of hottest spots for placing your tattoo. You can either hide it or flaunt it with style. To us, hip line tattoos can make you look more attractive and brighten up ravishing personality as well.

Hip Line Tattoos

Couple Tattoos

No matter how much you criticize love, people will keep falling in love. Some will stay and rest will leave. To us, love is life and tattoos are the style quotient. So life without style is too unfair to deal with. Though lock and key is a common concept of tattoo among the couples, ornate design of the same can be prettier and out of the box. Not just this lock and key, a huge variety of love tattoos are popularly available in the market to try your hands on.

Couple Tattoos

Inner arm tattoos

Choosing your wrist, palm or finger for drawing a tattoo is a too stereotype. Let’s place it inside the arms. All you have to look at the arms for finding out the tattoo. You may find them easily or you may not. This trendy style is going gaga for its amazing ‘hide and seek’ appeal among girls and boys both.

Inner Arm Tattoos

Single Line art

The chic and minimalistic designs are stealing the showtat this year and that’s also for a very common reason. Single lined tattoos get required space on your body for breathing. Whatever outfits you may wear, these sleek designs always look light and graceful on the skin. Often, people may take it as a handmade drawing also.

Single Line Art Tattoos

Red Inked Tattoo

Just like tattoos, red is a bold choice for inking yourself. This year, a sudden rise in red tattoos is being visible, as they look a bit more appealing as well as different when compared with the dark tattoos. If you have ever watched the Hollywood stars, one thing you will find out for sure i.e. their love for red tattoos is something that never goes out of style. For those, who love to experiment with colors other than the usual dark colors, red ink is most suitable for them. Red looks flattering on all types of skin tone. So writing a small name, keeping it up to initials or some eternal signs of love with love can brighten up the passion.

Red Inked Tattoo

Thin lined tattoo

Thin yet strong – this is the motto of tattoo trend 2017 which girls are ready to die for. Why are focusing on girls only? It’s so because thinly lined tattoos are good to go with girls only and also named ad feminist tattoos. With female gender signs, Girl Power signs, various quotes about empowering women, a sign of freedom and more, these thinly lined tattoos are ruling the trend.

Thin Lined Tattoo

Tiny tat loves

In the favorite part of your body with tiny tattoos like a unique smiley, the sun or the moon, the face of your pet, the initials or anything else, you love to keep with yourself all the time. Fingers, collarbone, feet or simply on your heels, tiny tats will steal the show, especially when you give them room to flaunt themselves.

Tiny Tat Loves

Surely, you are looking for the bottom line after so many classy trends you have got to follow. Well, “Live in style and ink with passion”, that’s all we have to say.